Dear Colleague:

It’s my pleasure to write to you about my new program DeepRead, which partners with businesses and organizations to teach employees how to incorporate great literature into their professional lives. The format is simple—during a corporate retreat, in-house conference, or other social setting, I guide your leadership team, employees, or both through a series of intensely interactive, experience-based activities based on a “great book” or exceptional piece of writing. Participants learn the tools of reading deeplyinterpreting insightfully, and gaining knowledge from some of the greatest literary minds ever.


Depending on your needs, you can choose from any of the following seminars:

1.      Leadership through Literature
2.      Innovation and Idea Generation “By the Book”
3.      Reading Global/Reading Local
4.      The Renaissance Entrepreneur

I can also work with you in creating a special program tailor-made to your interests.

DeepRead will help participants use literature to:

• Understand their core values and apply authentic personal knowledge to business.

• Explore the intellectual and creative riches of remarkable literary and philosophical works.

• Stretch minds “outside the box” of buzzwords and rigid thinking—and “inside the book”—by engaging with history’s greatest geniuses.


Our seminars will recreate the fun and camaraderie of the college experience, while also reanimating the intimacy and intellectual conversational spirit of the Tutorial System first established at Oxford and Cambridge back in the Middle Ages. This style of teaching and learning helped Europe breaking away from the medieval times and into the Renaissance or “rebirth” of European thought. Reintroducing this approach now is critical to confront the central challenges of today’s era of disruption. By stretching the mind and raising the aptitude of thinking, individuals engage in creative problem solving rather than remaining on the treadmill of reaction and mimic-based business model adoption. This is the kind of “inward-thinking” that has inspired such business leaders as Steve Jobs, Jack Welsh, Melissa Meyer, Bill Gates, and Peter Thiel to look to the world of “big ideas” and study for ways of gaining a competitive edge. As Damon Horowitz, Google’s Director of Engineering, told The Economist: “The thought leaders in our industry are not the ones who plodded dully, step by step, up the career ladder, [they are] the ones who took chances and developed unique perspectives.”


Please contact me at or 401 742-0662 if you would like to explore the possibility of our collaborating. You can find out more about me and my work at and

I hope you will join me on this creative journey for the mind and spirit, as we rediscover the joys and benefits of “thinking inside the book”!



Yours truly,

Joseph Luzzi, PhD
Founder and Director, DeepRead

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