Speaking Endorsements

At One Day University we work with over 200 different professors, and Joseph Luzzi is one of the very best. His ability to connect with any audience and explain complex material in an interesting and accessible way is quite remarkable. Plus, he has substantial expertise in so many areas (literature, film, history, language, etc.) that I can honestly say Professor Luzzi is a ‘Renaissance Man.’
— Steven Schragis, Founder/Director, One Day University, New York, NY

From Audience Members:

“Professor Luzzi, in particular, was way beyond outstanding. He was easy to listen to, informative in an easily comprehensible manner, obviously brilliant, connected themes and made my wife and me wish that we were in his classes. I went to a first-class university, and Professor Luzzi was better than any professor I ever enjoyed.”

“Professor Luzzi made fabulous points about the role of literature in leaders lives and in our own lives. I would definitely come to hear another talk by him as well. Thanks for providing this great opportunity and terrific pairing of topics. This was our first time to ODU and we will definitely be back.”

“Professor Luzzi 's lecture was exceptional. His depth of knowledge and the beautiful way he tied everything together made for a very special event.”

“Prof. Luzzi’s presentation was brilliant and inspiring!...Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to keep learning!”

“Last night's presentation was just outstanding. It is no wonder that Professor Luzzi is a favorite at Bard; I would LOVE to hear another of his lectures. The lecture’s concept and content were so timely, but his presentation skills were what made it all-the-more fascinating.”

“Professor Luzzi certainly illustrated the theme that ‘good readers make good leaders’. He needs to take a permanent position as a cabinet member for every President!”

“Professor Luzzi was amazing. He offered us a great synthesis of history, literature, and politics.”

“I loved his energy, his knowledge and how he presented his material…I would sign up for other courses with Professor Luzzi!”

“Best Ever! Bring him back...”

“Perfect style and delivery.”

“Professor Luzzi was outstanding. Enjoyed every minute of it.”

“So informative. We would definitely take another of Luzzi 's courses. He is so passionate about his subject—and funny!”

“Prof Luzzi was outstanding. This was our first experience with One Day University, and it has whetted our appetite for mire. Joe Luzzi will be hard to beat!”

“Last night's presentation with Joseph Luzzi was OUTSTANDING! Please bring him back for more!”

“Absolutely wonderful. Could have listened for hours.”

“Dr. Luzzi was an excellent speaker and this was my favorite lecture of the 8-10 lectures I’ve heard through One Day University.”

As an educator and author, Joseph Luzzi, represents brilliance, charm, elegance, and formidable knowledge. His enthusiasm for literature, especially Dante, is intoxicating and awe-inspiring. One has the feeling, whether hearing or reading him, of the deep passion and profound appreciation he possesses on a dazzling variety of subjects. His felicity of language in conveying his insights and observations is exemplary! RoundTable Cultural Seminars, an adult education organization, is honored to be one of the recipients of his extraordinary intellect. “
— Nancy Becker and Adriana Mnuchin, RoundTable Cultural Seminars, New York, NY