Keynote Presentations

Leading with Vision

10 Commandments from the World’s Greatest Thinkers


10 Decision-Making Strategies from History’s “Tipping Points”

The Business Muse

10 Creative Innovations from History’s Geniuses

The DeepRead Workshop

In addition to these Keynotes, I have created a DeepRead Workshop, a six-part program that devotes one hour to each of the following themes:

1. Leadership

2. Decision-Making

3. Creativity

4. Ethics and Values

5. Team-Building

6. Diversity/Cultural Awareness

Each one-hour session is a highly participatory workshop in which I lead participants in conversation and group activities as we explore great ideas and connect them to the business world today. The DeepRead Workshop can be structured to suit the needs of clients (i.e., it can be a one-day event, a two-day event, or even spread out over multiple meetings).